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These are all perfectly legitimate questions and may be the last questions that are most obvious. Cognition arises from observing the characteristics and behavior of individuals. If they behave in a way that meets our expectations of being "professional," we know them as professionals in our minds. We sometimes judge without even engaging them in a conversation and certainly do not know what their competence is. As professionals, we have an intuitive understanding of knowing a professional colleague. Standing in the lobby in front of the Karaj Pardis Hotel can provide ample evidence of the property's professionalism, which in turn reflects the leader's professionalism.


However, membership in a profession, unlike professional behavior, often requires a level of formal knowledge and competencies that are tested by the professional body to which they are eager to join. In the hospitality industry, we tend to recognize professionalism by the way we treat our co-workers, the customers of Karaj hotels and their guests, and their behavior and public presence, not by membership or qualifications. Or a plaque on the wall. to the